Yet To Be !
Yet To Be ! 

2011-2012 Pet Update: Annie, our sweet calico kitty never learned to love our new dog, Miko. She was not happy living with us anymore and would not come out of her bedroom. So, Ken's sister Karen in Tallahassee, Florida has so wonderfully given Annie a new home with her. Annie is much happier, though we do miss having her aboard.

Sadly, during the summer of 2008, we lost our Shar Peis.... Dempsey, to old age and Mac to spleen cancer. We know they will be watching us from Doggie Heaven and are confident their souls are with us on our journeys. It is hard to explain how their loss impacted our family. Both pups were great sailors, wonderful company, fearless protectors, and faithful friends. They showed us amazing amounts of love and were especially loving to our granddaughter, Audrey. We will never forget Dempsey's attentive and protective care for her in the first week of her life. He just knew he was supposed to take care of her. We loved these pups so much, Demps and Mac, and we will always miss you, our beloved pups.

 We have a new little dog "Miko" a Shiba Inu, born on 07-28-08 we can channel all our love to. See more below about Miko.

Sadly, we also had to send Bailey, our tortoise shell, to kitty heaven on 11-28-08 in Coconut Grove, Florida. She was just old (18) and kidney failure caused severe health issues. When she became unable to walk, we knew we had to release her from her suffering. She is also so very missed.


BAILEY (R.I.P. 11-1991 to 11-28-08): My name is Bailey and I am the eldest of the “four legged” crew. I was rescued by two nice people, Ken & Cindy (Mom/Dad) from the Greenville S.C. Humane Society when I was just a few weeks old. That is when I went to my new forever house with these really nice people. Anyway, when I went to their house, I started tearing up their

furniture and drapes (I was just a kid). They still loved me a bunch, but I kept being bad. So, my Veterinarian said I should be de-clawed. It wasn’t too bad, as I was still realy little and it allowed me to stay with my family. My humans have been very nice to me with one exception. That was when they decided to bring the “little sh_t” (pardon my language) Mac to my house. All the other DOGS I had lived with (Pretty Girl, Dempsey) had been nice to me. But, when Mac came, I let my people know my displeasure & I simply moved myself downstairs to the big, warm basement. This makes it very hard for Mom to take my picture because I have lots of places to hide! I would only go upstairs sometimes, or when Mom carried me. I just trained my people to come downstairs each day to give me my deserved love and attention. Geez, now my humans have me on this moving house with no basement. They did give me my own room, which I totally deserve. They make sure they keep “little sh_t” away from me so I can get my appropriate beauty sleep. My people adopted me in January 1992 when I was only 7 weeks old. So, we have been together a very long time. As you can see from my Glamour Shot… I am a very good looking tortoise shell calico. Some of you may think I am too old to be out sailing but I am in great health! I am TOTALLY up for this adventure.


DEMPSEY (Oct 11, 1996 to May 31, 2008, R.I.P.)
DEMPSEY - After Bailey, I am the next most mature four legged crew member on this adventure. I may be biased, but I think I may also be the sweetest. But, modesty won’t allow me to say so for sure. As you can see from my picture, I am very handsome. I love everyone and am totally happy as long as I am with my humans. If humans reach down and scratch me where my tail curls over my back, it is pure heaven. I was adopted when I was 7 weeks old from Jade East Kennels in Greenville, S. C. I was a birthday present for my new mom, Cindy. My first

human Mom (Loretta) was very smart and made sure my forever adoptive parents were loving people who would give me a great home. Before me, she let another one of her children live in my forever home and she knew they would be very good to me. When I moved in, I learned I had a sister named “Pretty Girl”. I loved my new sister very much and she taught me so much. Sadly, she passed away after we lived together for about 3 1/2 years. I missed her so much

my folks went to see Loretta again and adopted a brother (Mac) to keep me company. He's kinda mean to me sometimes...thinks he's the "Alpha" dog....I just let him think so. He just better mind his manners. Since I am the oldest canine on board, it is my job to make sure my folks are safe and I protect this moving house they have me on. In 2006, I was 10 on my birthday. Ah, just in case you need to know when to send me a card next year, my birthday is October 11th! I sure am enjoying spending so much time with my folks as that is what makes me the happiest, being with my people. They used to leave me everyday to go to work. Wherever this floating house takes us, I don't care as long as I am with my folks. I do miss sleeping on my bed in front of my fireplace though….what we will sacrifice for our people!


MAC (April 1999 to October 2008, R.I.P.)
MAC (a/k/a Little Sh_t) - Dude - my name is MAC.. period. In the past, some people have called me Black Mac and Devil Dog. But MAC is it...yep, make sure you remember the I run this place even though the other four leggeds and humans aboard think they have some say so. This is my world and I am in charge. Some say I have an attitude but naw, I just expect to be obeyed and idolized. My story is simple. I was hanging out at Jade East Kennel with Loretta, my first human, when I decided to spread my wings and go on an adventure. I said goodbye to my twin brother and split with Ken and Cindy at the end of May 1999. I took over their house, banished the scaredy cat Bailey to the basement and demanded respect. I am, after all, the "ALPHA" dog. I may be smaller than Dempsey…but as I have gotten older, I had to let him know just who is the top dog in our “brotherly” relationship. I growl at him periodically, just to keep him in his place. Man he is a whimp…he’s just too nice. I am only 7 years old and I have him running scared. Now, I may seem tough, but I will tell you a secret. I can be a softy, I know how to turn on the charm and I love playing with stuffed animals. I try not to get caught but Mom did get my picuture with "toyz" embarrassing. I do love to be scratched behind my little folded back ears, and to jump in the bed with my humans (ooo, that makes Dad mad). Ok, enough of the sappy stuff (don’t tell anyone). I have learned to respect one of the other four leggeds I live with. Mom and Dad adopted a little cat named Annie and she has CLAWS. I stay clear of that wild one. But, I still am the protector of the moving house, though Dempsey thinks he is. My birthday wais April 3rd, 1999. So, on April 3rd from now on, I expect stinkin cards like Dempsey.

ANNIE (no longer a member of our four legged crew. She is now a happy land kitty living in Tallahassee with Ken's sister, Karen)
 ANNIE - Hi there! I was the most recent addition to the family living with Ken and Cindy. My birth human parents (Charlie/Martha) were friends of my forever adoptive family. My brother still lives with them. One of my other siblings went to live another friend of theirs, Ann. So, we are a tight knit family. I came to my new home to find I had two canine brothers, Dempsey and Mac and another kitty stepsister named Bailey. Hey, this was great, as I know I will never be lonely and I enjoy the diversity of our family. I love everyone and am easy going and sweet. I don’t get stressed, rather, just enjoy life. Anyone who has done any baby sitting for me knows I am a good girl. I spent time at Mike and Judy McBrearty’s house once and they all fell in love with me. That’s just how I am. Even Mac respects me. I showed him how my claws work across his nose once and we have been good ever since. He doesn’t respect Bailey, though. So, I used to split my time between seeing Bailey in the basement and spending time upstairs with the rest of the family. There is only one thing I don’t like…those little cat beds humans make for us to sleep in. I like Mac’s and Dempsey’s big, big soft beds. Most nights, I would squeeze one of them out of their bed and get comfortable. They won’t sleep with me…must be a discrimination thing. If I got in Mac’s bed, he would just sleep with the humans (makes Dad mad). Dempsey is a good boy & won’t get on the furniture. He just finds a rug. I was born April 16th, 2003. I truly am excited about our adventure on the moving house, as I enjoy being with the family, wherever we are. I think I will just curl up on on the helm seat....and sleep in the sun.
Miko - born 07- 28-08 - Hi! I am the newest and now the only member of the four legged crew. I'm a Shiba Inu...the smallest cousin in the Akita family...yep, a Japanese dog. My name means "Soceress" in Japanese....because my forever mom said I worked my magic to get them to take me home. My Mom and Dad were really really sad when they lost Dempsey and Mac to illnesses and old age. They had so much love to give, but no puppy to give it to. That's where I come in! I was in a cage and worried about my future. I was at one of those pet stores where they say puppies come from places called "puppy mills". I think that I did come from one of those places and I don't think my biological doggy mom had a very good life. So, I was sitting in my cage in Sarasota, Florida just hoping somebody nice would see me. Well, in came this really nice family... a brother and sister and their spouses. What nice people they all were. I was so happy when they asked to store people to get ME out of the cage. I tried so hard to be good and cute. There we all are, in the little cubicle they let us play in. I tried my very best to make them love me. But, the store people came and took me away from the nice people.... put me back in the cage. I was upset, and it seemed like the nice people were upset too. But I must have been wrong, as they left me. The next day though, they came back....YEAH!! I was so happy. We played some more and I just knew one of these nice people would take me and give me a forever home. But, once again the store people came, took me away, put me back in the cage. This time I was heart broken and couldn't understand why they seemed to love me, but didn't take me with them. Again, early the next day they came again. This time I just decided not to get my hopes up as it hurt too bad when they left me each day. A nice girl named Tara and her husband Brad were with the other nice people this time. Tara held me and she said I was a good dog. I heard them say that Tara works at a Veterinarian's office.,, but I wasn't sure what that meant. But, the next thing I knew...I had a pretty new collar on and the nice people carried me right out the front door of that store. I couldn't believe it!! I have been so happy every single day since then. I foiund out that half the year we live in Brunswick, Georgia, and the other months, I get to live on a catamaran. This is pretty cool and my forever folks love me so much...I am a lucky lucky girl. I haven't really become friends with Annie, the calico kitty....but I am sure I will learn to love her. Anyway, I am one happy puppy, living with my forever family...and they love me SOOO much, I can tell.

A Special Message From All of Us:

Miss The Old

All our "four leggeds" were taken care of by "Dr. Harry" Cunningham at Frazier Animal Hospital, McBee Avenue in Greenville, S.C. He is a very very nice man. He and his great staff took great care of Dempsey, Mac, Bailey and Annie for many years. If any of you dogs and cats out there ever move to Greenville SC and need a nice man to take care of you, call Dr. Harry! Tell him the crew of "Meant To Be" sent you to see him!

Glad to Find the New

We have found a nice new person in Brunswick, Georgia to take care of us. Her office is called Southeastern Animal Clinic and Dr. Hamiid is her name. She went to Clemson for her first degree so she lived near where our folks used to live, in Greenville, S.C.

The people that work with Dr. Hamid are really nice, too.

Contact us snail mail :  139 Altama Connector, # 414, Brunswick, Georgia 31525

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